Saturday, December 27, 2008

my 2008

The year 2008 is almost over and i'm glad about it.

College year hasn't been going very well because I had a lot of shit on my mind about a certain person.About a former best friend actually.She meant a lot to me but after a heavy fight in June it all came to an end.I am glad she has forgiven me and we still remain good friends...and life goes on.

With my has been an awesome and succesfull year.Winning 2 major popprizes,recording in the studio and the making of a videoclip. You should check out my band

It has been a busy year for holiday/vacations. I have been to 4 destinations.1)Groezrock(hardrock festival in Belgium)2)London with 3 of my best friends 3)Manchester with my family 4)New York on my own.

I really liked New York and it has a place in my heart now.

Smoking cigarettes was extreme this year.I think I smoked twice more than an average heavy smoker should smoke.My lungs and heart had a though time.

I have been accepted again and got one more chance to stay in college and it's been hard for me.I cope with schizofrenia and everyday is a struggle.

I was ready to buy a synthesizer but at the last moment on the same day, decided to buy a car...a yellow suzuki alto sport edition for 1600 euro's and am happy for my investment.I need the car for my band,carry equipment, and to drive my family.The suzuki is the 4th car I've ever brought.

Brought exremely a large amount of movies and cd's.I think I enjoyed Knocked Up and Superbad,Mr. Woodcock,Good Luck Chuck a lot.

In my life I have went to 38 gigs.I really loved The Bravery,Lostprophets,The Teenagers,Disco Ensemble,Fall Out Boy,Those Dancing Days and many more.

Fashion Sense:It has been a shopping sprea.Buying more and more cool retro clothes @Episode,American Apparel,Zipper,H&M,Men At Work etc. I should get the best dressed male award of 2008:D

Well...if I have energy left,will post another blog about 2008 year.I'm tired

Bye and thanks for reading



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